These little morsels are delightful  I used a chocolate cake mixture adding cream cheese to the mixture for the moisture. ( use the cream cheese of your choice full fat works much better then diet of light version)

I have to say making these the night before worked best for me the cakes has rested and made it easier to pipe in the mint frosting and adding a little extra ontop for added effect. (as you can see from the photo)

The ganache is made in the usual way melted pure chocolate and cream allowed to cool for a few mins and then applied to each cupcake.

I had made these before and for the lack of time bought some ready made frosting i will not made the brand but I was soo not happy very oily texture and the taste of what I can only describe and criso like flavour and texture ( I would ot know if it was crisco) it is not work well at all, this time I made my own frosting and added the mint essence and it turned out a treat, for me taking the easy route did not go down well with me.

Maybe it was the brand but either way will be making my own from now on.