I was so delighted with these Cupcakes, added double cream to the mixture with 3 shots of Irish cream and an extra whiskey, came out nice and moist they did have to spend a few  more mins n the oven but was well worth it.

With the filling I used the normal butter icing (just a little less icing sugar) to which I added some more Irish cream and vanilla essence,  Chilled for a few mins then packed and rolled it in some Cling flim and put back in the fridge to chill,(this was about 3-4cm thick) while that was chilling I mixed a  normal dose of royal icing.

Once that was ready I took the butter icing from the fridge and sliced it into 1cm think rounds and placed on each cupcake and then piped the royal icing.

I have to say they went down a  treat and the picnic.