I just love making these but as a rule now they are always  for other people.

I made thse for some friends  for Christmas and one of my friends reported back that a few people who claimed not to eat Chorklite (yes they said it in this way they do nt spel it this way :)) but my friend told them to try a pices as they were cut small and before they even finished the 1st bite they were all Mmmm and MMmmm and going to take a 2nd piece. (I just loved it when she told me).

This is a rich moreish slice of chocolatey  indulgence, to be had with a glass of milk or cup of tea.

Three different  types of  chocolate used plain,  milk and white, the milk and white chocolate are broken into pieces  and set aside.

I piped in the cheesecake mixture zig zaging through the brownie mixture then pushed in alternatively the milk and white chocolate.

While in the oven I tempered some plain chocolate with some Chocolate spread and peanut butter and crushed some peanut to decorate.


This is after 10 mins