Purple yam Cheesecake










Having been wanting to try this out for a while but could never find fresh of powdered purple yam, also known as Ube I could only find the regular white one, I remember thef ist time I had this was in Hong Kong many years ago in for them form of ice-cream and was hooked.

I gave up looking for it in the stores and went online, this was just as bad as looking for it in stores but finally found a online shop that supplied it

Well used it in my regular cheesecake recipe but during the long time it took to bake and after cooling and cutting the 1st slice,  i needed to add an extra egg to help the baking/setting process.


I topped it off with a chocolate nougat, as you can see from the slice was firm but softer than I would like   but it taste absolutely delish.


Purple yam Cheesecake1Purple yam Cheesecake2
Purple yam Cheesecake slice