BakedLove making these cookies takes a little bit of extra time but still a joy and making sure I do not use to much food colouring as it spoils the taste, but after getting the colour right and extra chilling time I was ready to coat and bake.   prepared cookie dough Coloured and chilled for 30 mins.


blue on whitegreen on white






















Rolled out seperately brushed with a little water so they would stick to each other, The speckles you see in the blue dough is dried black current powder. sprinklescovered in sprinkles


Rolled and now to coat, do not use any water when coating the cookie dough this will wash out the colour of the sprinkles, once coated re wrap the cookie logs and place in the fridge for another 30 mins or so.

sliced bluesliced   Chilled slice to desired thickness and bake for 15 mins , they will spread a little while baking so leave ampel space on the baking tray. Baked