Saltfish Cakes/ Fritters

Simple yet tasty snack

Just like making regular pancakes but with savoury ingredients.

You can buy dried salted cod in most supermarkets these days, it is best to soak over night and then boil the fish the next day 20-30 should be more than enough, pour off the water and fill pan with cold water once cooled flake the fish discarding the skin and bones(try and go through the fish to make sure there are no bones).

The rest of the ingredients chop as fine as you like, season your batter with some salt and pepper and add the rest of the ingredients and fish mix well and leave to stand for a for a few mins while the oil is heating.

You can deep fry these but I prefer to shallow fry with just a little oil.

Serve alone or with your favour hot sauce and a tall glass of fresh lemonade.