Selection of this weekend orders 19-03-2011

A little about me, but first something about the name Black Pineapple. The Black Pineapple is the National Fruit of Antigua and Barbuda, and so called because it is ripe and ready to eat while the skin is still dark green, it also sit’s at the top of the country’s coat of arms, the name was chosen for  the small but very beautiful Islands.
Cooking has always been a part of my life, over the years it has become more of a request from friends, family and colleagues to what will I be baking for the next of up and coming party or gathering as I try to make something different for all to taste, now  taking my fun loving hobby to the next level, starting with these delicious cupcakes.

There will be all sorts of  dishes shown on my blog not just cakes, but baking cakes is the main thing I do.

If you are inspired or have questions or suggestion feel free to message me.

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