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Decorated cookies


Made these while unable to do my daily norm, never tried before so thought while i am stuck here lets try.

What do you think?



2Large bags of oringial candies (skittles or similar)

2Large bags of sour candies (skittles or similar)

1bag of granulated sugar

Food colouring to match

Real easy to make and do not worry with the added sugar the flavour will only be a little less but you can always enhance it  with food essences or oils.

I seperated the candies  and bagged them


The only bagged candy not showing is the red but I use the photo below.


First added the candy and begun to blitz, they will stick a bit but from that point you can start adding the granulated sugar and food colouring if it gets to light in colour.

You will end up with a fine suar you can use to decorate all types of cakes and cookies.biscuits alike.


The dark purple one I was rather heavy handed with the food colouring but did not want to add more sugar or I would look all the taste.

Cookie Swirls

BakedLove making these cookies takes a little bit of extra time but still a joy and making sure I do not use to much food colouring as it spoils the taste, but after getting the colour right and extra chilling time I was ready to coat and bake.   prepared cookie dough Coloured and chilled for 30 mins.


blue on whitegreen on white






















Rolled out seperately brushed with a little water so they would stick to each other, The speckles you see in the blue dough is dried black current powder. sprinklescovered in sprinkles


Rolled and now to coat, do not use any water when coating the cookie dough this will wash out the colour of the sprinkles, once coated re wrap the cookie logs and place in the fridge for another 30 mins or so.

sliced bluesliced   Chilled slice to desired thickness and bake for 15 mins , they will spread a little while baking so leave ampel space on the baking tray. Baked

Cookie Swirls

Absolutely Love making these cookies, it tales a bit of time but worth the wait.

It is the same sugar cookie recipe I used for my Hello Kitty and Pooh bear cookies but I fill roll and chill before cutting and baking.

Great with a nice cup or tea 🙂

Peanutbutter Swirls


White Chocolate Swirls


Milk Chocolate & Peanutbutter Swirls

Made these beauties for my nephews birthday went down a treat.

had fun making them too 🙂











My Cheesecake.

I  made this just after Christmas needlesss to say it did not last long enough for me to get a single slice photo.

This is just a regluar cheesecake mixture  with a gingernut and cornflake base added extra ginger powder to the base.

I was not sure what topping to do as I forgot to prepare and swirl the fruit in before baking  so opted for a white and chocolate topping which turned out rather well.

It just had enough time for it to  rest and it  was gone.

Cookie Selection

Made these for my Niece’s Birthday and posted them to her, she was over the moon.

Not over decorated as we all know children and sugar are not always the best combo more so that there would be more sugary delights at her party.









Love making these and decorating them, using rolling fondant makes for light work and  also the person gets to choose what colour dress, I did not ever dress it but of course  flowers and such can be added.

Normal cookie/biscuit recipe one that holds it shape when baked, once cooled  and rolling icing rolled and cut to shape brush cookies with a icing sugar and water mix so that the rolled icing holds in place one applied.

Set aside and leave to dry/set then assemble.

You can  decorate the feet too and again what ever colour you or your little one desires.








Well, as I am always willing to try something new when I did these cookies I did not think how long they would take me to do, and my food pen stopped working so had to mixed the black icing  and apply, which then took me even longer to finish, but I have to say I was happy with the end result and the lady I was doing them for was more than happy.

Presented in clear bags tied with coloured string, I used from Light pink to a deep Red, I am sure all the little kids were happy with their personal cookie.

I also did a large sitting Hello Kitty for the Birthday girl.