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This year’s birthday bites,  with the addition on some homemade gourmet jams,


Both boozy and pepper jams out on display for guest to try from left to right.

Merlot and strawberry, Prosecco and Mango, Paprika and pepper, Raspberry and pepper

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Cucumber salmon bites with cream cheese


Filo bites Bolognas (left)  Chicken topped with cream cheese (right)



Cashew Baklava



Brownies with fresh raspberries



2Large bags of oringial candies (skittles or similar)

2Large bags of sour candies (skittles or similar)

1bag of granulated sugar

Food colouring to match

Real easy to make and do not worry with the added sugar the flavour will only be a little less but you can always enhance it  with food essences or oils.

I seperated the candies  and bagged them


The only bagged candy not showing is the red but I use the photo below.


First added the candy and begun to blitz, they will stick a bit but from that point you can start adding the granulated sugar and food colouring if it gets to light in colour.

You will end up with a fine suar you can use to decorate all types of cakes and cookies.biscuits alike.


The dark purple one I was rather heavy handed with the food colouring but did not want to add more sugar or I would look all the taste.

Halloween Special



This months special are

Vanilla cupcake plain or coloured (in orange, green, black or a combination of any 2 colours)

Butter-icing also plain or coloured (coloured also with orange or green)

With a decoration choice (see pic on the above)


Meringue ghost, a sweet treat for your Halloween party.


Triple Chocolate brownies

Succulent pieces of dark and white chocolate brownie and real chocolate pieces, these fudge brownies are outrageously tempting perfect for a mid morning snack or any party.

Why not add our heavenly chocolate topping to make it a little more special.

(topping not included in the price)

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Triple Chocolate Brownies









I just love making these but as a rule now they are always  for other people.

I made thse for some friends  for Christmas and one of my friends reported back that a few people who claimed not to eat Chorklite (yes they said it in this way they do nt spel it this way :)) but my friend told them to try a pices as they were cut small and before they even finished the 1st bite they were all Mmmm and MMmmm and going to take a 2nd piece. (I just loved it when she told me).

This is a rich moreish slice of chocolatey  indulgence, to be had with a glass of milk or cup of tea.

Three different  types of  chocolate used plain,  milk and white, the milk and white chocolate are broken into pieces  and set aside.

I piped in the cheesecake mixture zig zaging through the brownie mixture then pushed in alternatively the milk and white chocolate.

While in the oven I tempered some plain chocolate with some Chocolate spread and peanut butter and crushed some peanut to decorate.


This is after 10 mins


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