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2Large bags of oringial candies (skittles or similar)

2Large bags of sour candies (skittles or similar)

1bag of granulated sugar

Food colouring to match

Real easy to make and do not worry with the added sugar the flavour will only be a little less but you can always enhance it  with food essences or oils.

I seperated the candies  and bagged them


The only bagged candy not showing is the red but I use the photo below.


First added the candy and begun to blitz, they will stick a bit but from that point you can start adding the granulated sugar and food colouring if it gets to light in colour.

You will end up with a fine suar you can use to decorate all types of cakes and cookies.biscuits alike.


The dark purple one I was rather heavy handed with the food colouring but did not want to add more sugar or I would look all the taste.


Various Cakepops

Caramel Crunch

Another busy week, this week I was making cakepops/popcakes.

I used a regular cake recipe as I have these nitfy cakepop baking trays I do not have to spend so much time baking, crumbling, mixing and chilling.

I used a vanilla cake recipe and a Chocolate fudge recipe  once baked and left to cool, I started melting th chcolate and seeing what decorations I will use.

See my creations below.

I am only showing a few of each batch I made.