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2Large bags of oringial candies (skittles or similar)

2Large bags of sour candies (skittles or similar)

1bag of granulated sugar

Food colouring to match

Real easy to make and do not worry with the added sugar the flavour will only be a little less but you can always enhance it  with food essences or oils.

I seperated the candies  and bagged them


The only bagged candy not showing is the red but I use the photo below.


First added the candy and begun to blitz, they will stick a bit but from that point you can start adding the granulated sugar and food colouring if it gets to light in colour.

You will end up with a fine suar you can use to decorate all types of cakes and cookies.biscuits alike.


The dark purple one I was rather heavy handed with the food colouring but did not want to add more sugar or I would look all the taste.


8. August original

Look for me at  the Sunday Market  3rd August 2014 at Amsterdam’s westerpark, westgasfabriek.  (has all the information you need)   I well have a selection of homemade Pepper Sauces, Island Marinades, Herb Marinades and Glutenfree Cheesecakes.   See below for a sample of the items avalible on the day.

1520690_687899227944902_7828641166873058735_n flapjacks


green seasoning





Sunday Market Amsterdam

Sunday Market Amsterdam

Look for me at the next Sunday Market  8th Juney 2014 at Amsterdam’s westerpark, westgasfabriek.  (has all the information you need)   I well have a selection of homemade Pepper Sauces, Island Marinades, Herb Marinade and Glutenfree Cheesecakes.   See below for a sample of the items avalible on the day.

Yellow fruit Hot sauce

Yellow fruit Hot sauce



Raspberry and blueberry hote sauce

Raspberry and blueberry hote sauce


Honey & Rum Marinade

lemon cheese cake

coffee cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Topping


Purple yam Cheesecake










Having been wanting to try this out for a while but could never find fresh of powdered purple yam, also known as Ube I could only find the regular white one, I remember thef ist time I had this was in Hong Kong many years ago in for them form of ice-cream and was hooked.

I gave up looking for it in the stores and went online, this was just as bad as looking for it in stores but finally found a online shop that supplied it

Well used it in my regular cheesecake recipe but during the long time it took to bake and after cooling and cutting the 1st slice,  i needed to add an extra egg to help the baking/setting process.


I topped it off with a chocolate nougat, as you can see from the slice was firm but softer than I would like   but it taste absolutely delish.


Purple yam Cheesecake1Purple yam Cheesecake2
Purple yam Cheesecake slice

Lemon Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Topping

Not just your regular Cheesecake.

But a very zesty one with the addition of condensed milk and a mixed based from cookies and crackers and some left over cupcakes which I toasted in the oven to dry out, then mixed into the crumbled cookie mixture. (sorry no pics of the cupcakes they were an after thought/idea also added some line zest as well as the lemon zest and juice)

Considering the cupcakes was made from rice flour and the topping was a cream jello mix added just before it set so it would soak a little into the cake base, once baked again in the oven the topped turned into a  soft candy like texture.

Once cooled, could be broken up into small piece then blitz in the blender, they do not break up very small but make for a nice little surprise when you dig into the base/crust of the cheesecake.

We all now caramel is easy to make but one must not leave unattended which I nearly did (was a busy evening) so it did not burn or  bubble over, after pouring on the slightly cooled caramel I used a little condense milk to make the patten.

(serves 12)

Got a thumbs up all rounds.












Trying my hand at gluten free baking, not bad even if I say so myself.

A mixed nut base and a  2 part filling normal thick cheese cake and then a mango purée  mixture.

Needed more time in the oven I think but was cooked through and softer then I hoped but just as tasty.


Before baking

Before baking

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Ready for the oven










Having many first and this one is my first Pumpkin Cheesecake

This recipe was ment to be made with flour but I used the left over egg white and whisked to stiff peaks and folded it into the mixture to keep some body.

So happy with the out come and the taste was delish.

Pumpkin Cheesecake cooling down









My Cheesecake.

I  made this just after Christmas needlesss to say it did not last long enough for me to get a single slice photo.

This is just a regluar cheesecake mixture  with a gingernut and cornflake base added extra ginger powder to the base.

I was not sure what topping to do as I forgot to prepare and swirl the fruit in before baking  so opted for a white and chocolate topping which turned out rather well.

It just had enough time for it to  rest and it  was gone.