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Party nibbles

Made a few nibbles for a birthday party, all went down a storm


Chicken Coxinha (served warm with a home made hot sauce)

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Meat Coxinha (served warm with a home made hot sauce)


Pastry Horns with \creamcheese butter icing and Raspberry filling


Feta Cheese, Basil and Tomato with Strawberry and pepper corn sauce


Vanilla with Peanut butter frosting


Chocolate Ganache Meringues and Vanilla with Peanut butter frosting


Chocolate Ganache meringues


Open Apple tarts


Chocolate Raspberry Puffs

Chocolate Raspberry Puffs

Chocolate Peanut butter PuffsChocolate Peanutbutter puffs




Delightfully soft cupcakes.

20151011_191104Ginger cupcake with small pieces of candied ginger cut small and topping with a light butter icing and drizzled with golden syrup.

20151011_190759Regular cupcake recipe with freezed dried raspberry pieces and topped also with a light butter icing with freeze dried reapberry pieces and a sour raspberry sauce, i only used a little as the sauce is very sour but mixes well with the butter icing and cake.


2Large bags of oringial candies (skittles or similar)

2Large bags of sour candies (skittles or similar)

1bag of granulated sugar

Food colouring to match

Real easy to make and do not worry with the added sugar the flavour will only be a little less but you can always enhance it  with food essences or oils.

I seperated the candies  and bagged them


The only bagged candy not showing is the red but I use the photo below.


First added the candy and begun to blitz, they will stick a bit but from that point you can start adding the granulated sugar and food colouring if it gets to light in colour.

You will end up with a fine suar you can use to decorate all types of cakes and cookies.biscuits alike.


The dark purple one I was rather heavy handed with the food colouring but did not want to add more sugar or I would look all the taste.

Lemon Curd Sunshine


Lemon Curd








Not made these in a while but always a delight to make.

Light lemony cake with a buttery icing and not forgetting the lemon curd.

I found the best way to fill the middle is to slightly warm the curd and pour.

mixed display


Red Velvet








Now these babies was the lick extra soft and light butter cream icing, moist red velvet cake with chocolate pieces inside.

went down a treat at work.


Red Velvet









It has been a while but been a little busy with life so to speak

Made these little gems for New Years Eve party went down a treat, delicate  Mango Caviar nestled on a light buttery icing and a vanilla cupcake.

Did not have time to get a pic of  then displayed  as they were gone.

mixed display








Citrus Delight











You can not tell me these are not just inviting and screaming EAT ME!

Light sponge cupcake topped with a round of butter icing and filled with a cooled Lemon Curd just warm enough to pour and not melt the butter icing

Totally lush.

Citrus Delight Cupcakes




Strawberry & Vanilla cupcakes









Made with a Jelly not a Jam with a vanilla pudding filling and a soft sweet butter icing, went down a treat.

used a vegetarian jelly and added a little  crushed strawberries before leaving to set, then cut out each circle and place gently over the vanilla filled centre.


Caramel Crumble

Caramel Crumble Cupcake

Caramel Crumble Cupcake











Also made these Caramel Crumbles for the same  food and cake sale (and again did not get any other pics as they were gone before I could get my camera out took these pics at home beforehand)

Caramel cake which is alaos injected with caramel sauce topped with butter icing & crumble, drizzled with more caramel sauce.

These sold out before the Lemon ones but still went down a blast  sold every single one.


Caramel Crumble Cupcake

Caramel Crumble Cupcake

Citrus Delight Cupcake

Citrus Delight Cupcake










Made these little ditties for  food and cake sale (did not get any other pics as they were gone before I could get my camera out took these pics at home beforehand)

Poundcake cupcake with lemon curd and vanilla frosting.

Also injection with lemon curd went down a blast  sold every single one.


Citrus Delight Cupcake

Citrus Delight Cupcake