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Chocolate thins


Sometimes shop bought is just not enough, so I bought my own chocolate transfer sheet (some supermarkets are selling them but best to check out your locale or online bake shop)

I prepared the transfer sheet on a chopping board, the ones I had bought were in a tube so did not lay flat, so I just used some sticky tape to attached to the board to keep it flat.I melted the chocolate in a food bag, slightly massage the bag to make sure the chocolate was evenly melted then back in the

I then melted the chocolate in a food bag, slightly massage the bag to make sure the chocolate was evenly melted then back in microwave for 20 sec or so.

Once ready, cut the end of your bag and squeeze over one end the sheet and slightly spread the chocolate over to the other end of the sheet, leave for 5 mins then make your scores in the chocolate and leave to set completely.

Once set flip over and peel off the transfer sheet and break where you have made your score lines, you are ready to use and decorate your cakes, ice creams and cupcakes.

Store in a cool dark place




Blue Velvet Layer Cake

Blue velvet with chocolate ganche

Blue Velvet Layer Cake

Made this a while ago been negelecting my blogg, but have loads of photos, life never stops right!

Made this moist delish Blue Velvet Layer Cake, instead of the normal milk or plain chocolate used white chocolate and blue food colouring, did not use to muchas I wanted to keep it light in colour.

Creamcheese filling and a light creamcheese butter icing frosting and chocolate ganache topping.

Blue velvet with chocolate ganche1

Blue Velvet Layer Cake


Caramel Choconut Bliss











Simply delish soft succulent chocolate cake topped with a hearty Peanut butter butter icing added a bitter sweet caramel sauce and sprinkles of chocolate to set of all the flavours and textures.

Also they went down a storm and a friends family reunion 😉

Caramel Chocolate Bliss

Caramel Chocolate Bliss










Made this little ditties for Barbados Independence day which was on the 30th November. www.barbados.org/indepen.htm

A simple vanilla and Chocolate cake with a light butter icing


Pop Cakes …

Vanilla cake with dark chocolate coating with butterflies and flowers


I have to say I really do enjoy making these pop cakes although they are butterflies and flowers, they kinda look like a LV design 🙂 and then all packed and ready to go.

Below are the chocolate ones nearly ran out of the chocolate crispies but phew just had enough to finish the job.

Made a whopping 40 of these.

chocolate cake white chocolate coating and crispies

Chocolate Cake Crumbs & Chocolate Butter Icing


Chocolate chip cake with a  delish soft chocolate buttericing and chocolate cake crumbs for decoration, nothing going to waste and made for an extra chocolate treat.


Choco Choco Chip (chocolate cake crumbs & Chocolate Butter Icing)



Mmmm change the this one up a little using white chocolate spread for the centre white kept the cake nice and moist.

Also used girlie colours for a girlie girl 🙂

Double Choco cupcake with white chocolate centre


A simple selection of Vanilla cupcake with Vanilla topping, Choco Choco chip cupcakes, Red Velvet and Utterly Strawberry.

2 box of each and this sample box of the flavours, went down a treat.

Vanilla-Vanilla,Choco Choco chip,Red Velvet,Utterly Strawberry

Cars Cupcakes

Made these for a little boys birthday, he is besotted with Cars and Sponge Bob, Chocolate cupcake with a white chocolate filling.

Bless him he was was aglow when I delivered them


Queens day in The Netherlands (Koninginnedag)

Chocolate cupcake with  a orange flavoured white chocolate filling, topped with half cakepop and simple butter icing frosting