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Citrus Delight

Citrus Delight Cupcake

Citrus Delight Cupcake










Made these little ditties for  food and cake sale (did not get any other pics as they were gone before I could get my camera out took these pics at home beforehand)

Poundcake cupcake with lemon curd and vanilla frosting.

Also injection with lemon curd went down a blast  sold every single one.


Citrus Delight Cupcake

Citrus Delight Cupcake



Last of my Queens day set  (Koninginnedag)

vanilla cupcake with orange essence added and a little orange food colouring swirled through the cake mixture, once cooked and cooled filled with homemade marshmallow and topped off with a two tone mix of butter icing.

















I thought I would try a little something and it turned out  not too bad.

On the left, Black Vanilla & Raspberry Liquor cake with Pink Vanilla cake centre.

Was not going to add the Raspberry Liquor but adding so much Black colouring I felt the taste would be effected and it was before I added the liquor.

On the Right, Vanilla cake with Pink Vanilla centre

again just trying something out cake in a cake  2 different colour the pink park was ment to be a music note but it kinda  fell over while baking but still taste delish.

Both topped with a Chocolate Sauce.

Caramel Crunch










This month flavour is Caramel Crunch a nice cake base with caramel pieces and a caramel butter icing dressed with  oven baked crumble and drizzled caramel sauce.

Just picture yourself among friends or family, nice cup of tea or coffee chatting away relaxing with your own  moist  caramel crunch cupcake.

Sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth

Caramel Crunch








This one I have to say is one of my favs, made with a light caramel cake recipe and a bitter sweet caramel butter icing with added home made crumble cookie and caramel sauce dotted about the frosting.

As with most o the my posting, the item can be found on my website http://www.blackpineapple.moonfruit.com

A winner so far I have to say