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4th May Sunday Market Amsterdam

4th May Sunday Market Amsterdam

The Sunday Market was great, it was our first time doing something like this, although the day started slow it picked up rather quickly, plently vistors, tasters and questions some not knowing where the flags were from and wonders what the sauce and marinades can be used for, was great having the attention and questions.

During the day saw ex colleagues and friends which is always good even some I had not seen for years, made the day even better, oh and the weather held out for the whole day which was a added bonus. 🙂

Below are the items we have on offer and I am hoping to be back at the market next month as well.


Bajan Honey & Rum Marinade

Raspberry and blueberry hote sauce

Raspberry and blueberry hote sauce

Yellow fruit Hot sauce

Yellow fruit Hot sauce


Antiguan Hot Marinade


Filled Panga Fish

green seasoning fish3









Cook night planned at a long time friend of mine, wanting to have something different for a fish dish.

So I made a Garlic and mixed herb filling with a little chilli, filled and panfried some panga fish which was also seasoned with a little pepper and salt.

Just as the first batch was done they were gone, thumbs up all round.


green seasoning fish green seasoning fish1 green seasoning fish2

Chicken & Dumpling Soup


Chicken & Dumpling Soup

Chicken Breast ( you can use legs and thighs)
Sweet Potatoes
Regular Potatoes
Green Bananas
Chicken Seasoning
Mixed Herbs
1 veg or chicken stock cube

Self raising Flour

Cut all ingredients fairly large chicken can be cut into nice size cubes if using chicken with the bone i.e leg or thigh u can leave these whole just season with chicken season add garlic and onions and brown off in a little oil and set aside.

Bring some water to boil add stock cube 

While the water is heating up prepare your dumplings you can use a mixer with a dough hook if you like, mix all dry ingredients to pliable dough with the final kneading on a flour top then cover and leave to rest

Once stock dissolved and water is boiling add all ingredients a part from the pumpkin, sweet potatoes and chicken, reduce the heat to a simmer add these after about 10 mins and stir.

while this is simmering make dumplings and pop into soup cover and leave to cook, check the seasoning and adjust if needed.

Check after 5-10 mins stir and leave to cook until dumplings are ready