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Delightfully soft cupcakes.

20151011_191104Ginger cupcake with small pieces of candied ginger cut small and topping with a light butter icing and drizzled with golden syrup.

20151011_190759Regular cupcake recipe with freezed dried raspberry pieces and topped also with a light butter icing with freeze dried reapberry pieces and a sour raspberry sauce, i only used a little as the sauce is very sour but mixes well with the butter icing and cake.










My Cheesecake.

I  made this just after Christmas needlesss to say it did not last long enough for me to get a single slice photo.

This is just a regluar cheesecake mixture  with a gingernut and cornflake base added extra ginger powder to the base.

I was not sure what topping to do as I forgot to prepare and swirl the fruit in before baking  so opted for a white and chocolate topping which turned out rather well.

It just had enough time for it to  rest and it  was gone.

Pineapple Rum Ginger








Vanilla cake with rum soaked pineapple pieces, this time making these I added a few of the pineapple pieces to the topping as well as the ginger and drizzled the rum sugar syrup left over from soaking the pineapple pieces, which was also drizzled on the cake before icing.

Did not add  any golden syrup this time as i thought they would be sweet enough with the extra rum syrup I made.

Doing it this way make them more moist and ready for any adult to get a taste of the evenng to come.

Pineapple – Ginger

Pineapple cupcake with  Pineapple and Ginger butter icing decorated with crystallized ginger pieces


I also found some freeze dried pineapple pieces which I bought as well, I hydrated them in a  rum and sugar mix which still kept fruity flavour.
I thought the rum would  be a bit stronger but I am thinking to put rum in the topping next time might give a nice twist to it.
The butter icing I mixed with some ginger syrup decorated with chopped crystallized ginger and drizzled with golden syrup.



Black Pineapple Green










My non alcoholic Pineapple cupcake with a double topping of butter icing and royal icing.

I had been thinking for a while the signature  cupcake and I have found it, well this is the non alcohol version.

Main cake is pineapple flavour with the centre coloured green pineapple figure I left vanilla and the topping  is royal icing which is then topped with a soft butter icing and decorated with caramelized ginger diced rather fine so you just get the little hint of ginger.