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Sunday Market Amsterdam

Sunday Market Amsterdam

Look for me at the next Sunday Market  8th Juney 2014 at Amsterdam’s westerpark, westgasfabriek. http://www.sundaymarket.nl/agenda/8-juni-gewijzigde-datum  (has all the information you need)   I well have a selection of homemade Pepper Sauces, Island Marinades, Herb Marinade and Glutenfree Cheesecakes.   See below for a sample of the items avalible on the day.

Yellow fruit Hot sauce

Yellow fruit Hot sauce



Raspberry and blueberry hote sauce

Raspberry and blueberry hote sauce


Honey & Rum Marinade

lemon cheese cake

coffee cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Topping


Lemon Curd Sunshine


Lemon Curd








Not made these in a while but always a delight to make.

Light lemony cake with a buttery icing and not forgetting the lemon curd.

I found the best way to fill the middle is to slightly warm the curd and pour.

mixed display


Citrus Delight











You can not tell me these are not just inviting and screaming EAT ME!

Light sponge cupcake topped with a round of butter icing and filled with a cooled Lemon Curd just warm enough to pour and not melt the butter icing

Totally lush.

Citrus Delight Cupcakes

Citrus Delight

Citrus Delight Cupcake

Citrus Delight Cupcake










Made these little ditties for  food and cake sale (did not get any other pics as they were gone before I could get my camera out took these pics at home beforehand)

Poundcake cupcake with lemon curd and vanilla frosting.

Also injection with lemon curd went down a blast  sold every single one.


Citrus Delight Cupcake

Citrus Delight Cupcake


Another set for Queens day in The Netherlands (Koninginnedag)

vanilla cupcake with  little lemon curd in the mixture, once cooked and cooled filled with lemon curd and topped off with a mixture of  Royal Icing and Orange coloured butter icing frosting.


Tres Leches

Mock Tres laches cupcakes with a hint on Lemon Curd Butter Icing

I called this mock as I could not use all the milk mixture I was suppose to considering my cupcakes are in paper cases.

The light lemon favour in the butter icing complimented the light sweet milk cake.

Bought the mini chocolate rolls which added the final touch.

Simple yet yummy cupcake.

Made with a regular vanilla cupcake mix and I mixed chilled lemon curd in, not mixing smooth but keeping some of the curd in lumps.

Mixed dessicated coconut with icing sugar added a little yellow food colouring to the butter icing , swirled icing on cupcake and then dip in the sweetened coconut.

Summertime Lemon

Now these were a little bit of a challenge, only because the day was sooo hot my kitchen was even hotter trying to pipe Butter icing in that heat was not an easy task at all.

But all in all was done as had to put the butter icing in the fridge every few mins  and as I piped 2-3 placed the heart and popped into the fridge as well

Anyway I love these Lemon Curd Cupcakes and I keep the lemon curd in the fridge anyway to when small teaspoon full amounts are placed in the cake mixture and using a cutting stir method you get little bits of lemon curd in the mixture which give little bursts of lemon in the cake mmm.

This can be done as I have done with a butter icing or with a royal icing, Ihave done these before with the same butter icing as a filling and piped the royal icing over it a nice little surprise.