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Back in the kitchen again and I love mango so made this jam again but have labels for them now looks great right?

This is not your normal breakfast jam and it is better not to have it on your toast for breakfast but it I soo tasty. if you’re not a drinker so to speak, well they are not really strong with the wine each jar has about 1/4 glass of wine (regular wine glass size, not those supersize glasses) as some of the alcohol is cooked out during the cooking process it is not so strong, still has the wine fragrance and flavour.

I got a real bargain this week 7 Mangoes for 3.50 and they were big, this batch I only used 3 as it was more than enough and I whole bottle of Prosecco, as there was more liquid I added some extra pectin to make sure the cooking time was not overdone and would still have some nice pieces of mango in my jam.

Although not a wine drinker I do like the wine fragrance and flavour of this jam with the delight of mango

I will post a few photos later when I use it in a  few dishes



Meringue and Fresh Fruit Heart, made for a valentines  gift, used butter icing instead of cream  to preserve the meringue for travelling and storage.

Also filled with white chocolate and fruit.

Fruit used:

Strawberries, Blueberries, Mangoes, Red Currents and freeze dried Raspberries