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This year’s birthday bites,  with the addition on some homemade gourmet jams,


Both boozy and pepper jams out on display for guest to try from left to right.

Merlot and strawberry, Prosecco and Mango, Paprika and pepper, Raspberry and pepper

( all available to buy contact via http://blackpineapple.moonfruit.com/sweet/4593789329 )



Cucumber salmon bites with cream cheese


Filo bites Bolognas (left)  Chicken topped with cream cheese (right)



Cashew Baklava



Brownies with fresh raspberries


Pepper Jam


Was not sure about this jam at first, well it is paprika jam but as it has chilies and garlic I thought I would give it a try.

Well, it not half bad but I have to say it is a savoury sweet jam and works well with your savoury foods ( have not tried it with anything sweet) but I rather preferred it with goats cheese and crackers or built up with a little lettuce and thinly sliced red onions.