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Cookie Swirls

Absolutely Love making these cookies, it tales a bit of time but worth the wait.

It is the same sugar cookie recipe I used for my Hello Kitty and Pooh bear cookies but I fill roll and chill before cutting and baking.

Great with a nice cup or tea 🙂

Peanutbutter Swirls


White Chocolate Swirls


Milk Chocolate & Peanutbutter Swirls


Malted Chocolate Chip

Mmm well wanted to try out how if the peanutbutter icing i made would work with chocolate being added to it.

Took to a friend of mine and he said right out he does not  like chocolate, told him to try it and let me know as it is a blend and not all chocolate.

All I heard was mmmm “this is niiiceee” I just laughed.

Well they went down a treat sitting on the patio a warm evening  with cool drinks and cupcakes.

Choconut Bliss

This Cupcake I have to say was a hit made them for a thank you gift, the cake itself is made with real Chocolate although cocoa powder is ok.

I do preffer the taste and aroma of real chocolate, also the texture is so different a more moist cake.

In the past I just mixed the powdered sugar into the  softened Peanut butter, this time I made a very loose royal icing added some butter about 25 g  or so which made it more loose whisked it a bit more and then added the peanut butter, the outcome is a nice cream smooth frosting easy to pipe taste great.

Like most that will be shown on my blog it is available to order.