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Ninja Cookies

Made these beauties for my nephews birthday went down a treat.

had fun making them too 🙂




Hello Kitty Red

Pretty in Red

Not  the best photo but this is HK in Red

Cookie Selection

Made these for my Niece’s Birthday and posted them to her, she was over the moon.

Not over decorated as we all know children and sugar are not always the best combo more so that there would be more sugary delights at her party.









Love making these and decorating them, using rolling fondant makes for light work and  also the person gets to choose what colour dress, I did not ever dress it but of course  flowers and such can be added.

Normal cookie/biscuit recipe one that holds it shape when baked, once cooled  and rolling icing rolled and cut to shape brush cookies with a icing sugar and water mix so that the rolled icing holds in place one applied.

Set aside and leave to dry/set then assemble.

You can  decorate the feet too and again what ever colour you or your little one desires.