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I had some fun making this cake, a simple sponge filled with butter icing and jam.

I used royal icing for  all the colours, first covered the cake with rolling icing so I have a base to work on, then the first layer I covered the cake with the icing as is, then separated the icing in to 7 bowls  leaving enough for the light blue colour, then coloured each bowl using wiltons food colouring and mixing to get the desired colour, also adding a little water to loosen the icing so it is a little running , not to much or it will be too runny and go everywhere.

You can see from the slides the process/steps to build the colours, rather simple but effective (I used royal icing so there is still some body in the icing giving that thick paint look)

Waited about 10-15 mins after each colour so they did not run into each other but as you can see some where a little more runny than others, I wanted the colours at different lengths but still had a nice look about it.

The topping was a cream mix and used whole milk, extra swirls and shaved rolled icing.



Decorated cookies


Made these while unable to do my daily norm, never tried before so thought while i am stuck here lets try.

What do you think?

Red Velvet Cake

Kept this one nice and simple delish Red Velvet cake with a soft creamy Mascapone Butter Icing and topped with a Marshmallow icing with crumbs of red velvet for decoration.

It made a change from doing all the butter icing topping I have done in the past to then get a request to do this one, was for an office Birthday and got a tiny sneaky slice (well one must sample the goods)

It went down a storm even so I got 3 orders from this 1 order. 😉

Red Velvet


Last of my Queens day set  (Koninginnedag)

vanilla cupcake with orange essence added and a little orange food colouring swirled through the cake mixture, once cooked and cooled filled with homemade marshmallow and topped off with a two tone mix of butter icing.



Another set for Queens day in The Netherlands (Koninginnedag)

vanilla cupcake with  little lemon curd in the mixture, once cooked and cooled filled with lemon curd and topped off with a mixture of  Royal Icing and Orange coloured butter icing frosting.


Black Pineapple Green










My non alcoholic Pineapple cupcake with a double topping of butter icing and royal icing.

I had been thinking for a while the signature  cupcake and I have found it, well this is the non alcohol version.

Main cake is pineapple flavour with the centre coloured green pineapple figure I left vanilla and the topping  is royal icing which is then topped with a soft butter icing and decorated with caramelized ginger diced rather fine so you just get the little hint of ginger.

Banana Cupcake







Was not sure about this one at first as it takes twice as long to bake than any other cupcake I have made , but the end result was nice a bit too sweet, but my next attempt I will tweak the recipe a bit.

over all a nice cake, nice and moist, used a regular cake recipe and added mashed Banana, I thin next time will use  Bananas which are not so ripe, I think ti will give a better texture and body.

I had some left over Royal Icing so used it.











I was so delighted with these Cupcakes, added double cream to the mixture with 3 shots of Irish cream and an extra whiskey, came out nice and moist they did have to spend a few  more mins n the oven but was well worth it.

With the filling I used the normal butter icing (just a little less icing sugar) to which I added some more Irish cream and vanilla essence,  Chilled for a few mins then packed and rolled it in some Cling flim and put back in the fridge to chill,(this was about 3-4cm thick) while that was chilling I mixed a  normal dose of royal icing.

Once that was ready I took the butter icing from the fridge and sliced it into 1cm think rounds and placed on each cupcake and then piped the royal icing.

I have to say they went down a  treat and the picnic.

Choconut Bliss

This Cupcake I have to say was a hit made them for a thank you gift, the cake itself is made with real Chocolate although cocoa powder is ok.

I do preffer the taste and aroma of real chocolate, also the texture is so different a more moist cake.

In the past I just mixed the powdered sugar into the  softened Peanut butter, this time I made a very loose royal icing added some butter about 25 g  or so which made it more loose whisked it a bit more and then added the peanut butter, the outcome is a nice cream smooth frosting easy to pipe taste great.

Like most that will be shown on my blog it is available to order.