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Pineapple Rum Ginger








Vanilla cake with rum soaked pineapple pieces, this time making these I added a few of the pineapple pieces to the topping as well as the ginger and drizzled the rum sugar syrup left over from soaking the pineapple pieces, which was also drizzled on the cake before icing.

Did not add  any golden syrup this time as i thought they would be sweet enough with the extra rum syrup I made.

Doing it this way make them more moist and ready for any adult to get a taste of the evenng to come.


Pineapple – Ginger

Pineapple cupcake with  Pineapple and Ginger butter icing decorated with crystallized ginger pieces


I also found some freeze dried pineapple pieces which I bought as well, I hydrated them in a  rum and sugar mix which still kept fruity flavour.
I thought the rum would  be a bit stronger but I am thinking to put rum in the topping next time might give a nice twist to it.
The butter icing I mixed with some ginger syrup decorated with chopped crystallized ginger and drizzled with golden syrup.



Watch this space I am so excited I have found the cupake watch this space as they say.

I met up with a good ole friend this week and while chatting away i mention the few combi I have been trying for my signature cupcake and the ideas were bouncing back and forth and found the perfect combi and design.

Now to put it in action and smile

Sometimes it is just that certain person to bring out the best in one.

Not giving anything away until I have put it all together then pics will be posted but this lady here is well happy.